• Britax Roundabout vs Marathon G4.1

    When it comes to children, parents always look for the best and safest product for use that is also easy to handle and highly durable. Car seats come in a variety of features with many companies claiming a number of safety features and styles for parents to choose from. The most popular car seats that have been introduced recently are Britax Roundabout convertible seat and Britax Marathon ClickTight convertible seats with features that are at par with each other making it quite confusing for the parents to choose the best from the two. Here is an overview on britax roundabout vs marathon to help you decide which convertible is better suited for better car experience for you and your child.

    Britax Marathon G4.1 is a budget friendly edition of convertible car seat that is popular with many parents as it has kept its quality up to the latest convertibles while staying well within the budget range of all parents. This edition came in the ClickTight Marathon series and is the latest product in these series with it being the updated version of Marathon G4 like by many customers before. There are many reviews for the best car seats like this on Car Seats UK.

    Britax Marathon G4.1The convertible is designed to be used as both rear-facing and forward-facing car seats depending on the age of the child. For rear-facing settings, it can be safely used for smaller children from toddlers to pre-school going children whereas forward-facing is more suitable for children of up to elementary school age. Consequently, this convertible seat can be used for a wider range of children’s ages whether you are using it for more than one child in turns or for a longer time period for your child due to its high durability. When you opt for Marathon G4.1, you get additional safety features in this product that include protection against side impact without any figure added to the already low price of this product. While keeping yourself on budget, you are getting an equivalent of Boulevard ClickTight in Marathon G4.1.

    ClickTight feature in Marathon edition makes sure it is easily secured by a simple buckle of the seat belt. Its SafeCell protection against impact is part of a complete safety design package in this convertible car seat product to ensure maximum safety of your child well above the standard safety requirements. Wit added side protection, your child is safe from debris and crash impact if such a case may occur. It allows for adjustments accordingly as your child grows with time as the product comes with 2-position buckle and 12-position harness availability for maximum adjustment.

    Britax Roundabout edition also comes with a Safe cell impact safety feature with a base designed specifically to absorb impact. To provide side protection from impact, the convertible car seat has a foam-lined design that provides maximum safety to your child against debris and crash impact. It also comes with a harness system of 5-point straps that protect from entanglement making it easier for you to load child in and make sure the journey is comfortable for your child.  This convertible seat is suitable for rear-facing setting for children weighing 5 to 40 pounds and forward facing seat arrangement for children up to 55 pounds.

  • Golden Tips For Effective Parenting

    Parenting, in our modern times, is very hard to do. Because we have been passing through so many social changes, that raising children the right way, has become quite a challenge in fact. In this article, we will teach you how you can become a better parent, because if you do, you will have the excellent opportunity to impart your children with the kind of parenting they really need. If you are ready to start, then focus your attention on this piece of content for a while, you are going to learn quite a lot!

    Your Authority:

    3-parenting-styles-effective-parentingYou need to impose your authority. Since in the West we have been living under democracy for a lot of time, which is not a bad thing by the way, we have adopted a very dangerous position in our family: we don’t hold authority. You must talk with your children always, before going ahead with a very important decision, but you as the parent need to have the authority in your court.

    Just remember this golden tip and you will be able to manage you family situation a lot better. Because if you are successful at the hour of imposing your own authority, then you will inspire respect from your kids, and as a product, you will have a better family life.

    We are not over yet, it’s time to jump into the following section that will share with you another excellent tip that’s going to put the power in your side.


    You need to impose your authority, make your children understand that you are the head of the family, and as such, the power resides in you. But you also need to talk with them. You need to talk with them if you see in them a very strange behavior. You need to make them trust you, this will bring you even more authority and respect, because your children will be able to trust you.

    All parents in all families should aim to reach this kind of confidence. Nowadays, the confidence relationship between children and parents is way too weak, but you need to fix this and the best moment is now. You need to talk with them and give them good advice on how to solve their problems, and let them know that they can always come to you if they ever need help, because you will be there for them.


    If your children are good at soccer, basketball, music or any other skill, then you need to encourage them. You need to make them pursue a passion, this will bring you excellent benefits, because your child will be accomplished, and therefore, a lot happier. You need to make your children happy, so you can be happy, and the best way to do this is to guide them towards reaching their dreams and living their passion.

    If you follow these three tips, you will be a better parent and your family life will improve quite a lot.

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